Wanna Niticherdchoo
Founder /Owner of Interior Design Company

With a degree in Interior Architecture, 2nd class honour from one of the most reputable universities in Thailand, King Mongkut Institute of Technologies, Ladkrabang in Bangkok. In 1994, She started working as a Bangkok based interior designer with a company that handled large scale hotel projects, where she picked the ability to combine practicality, functionality with intricate designs. "I feel such an overwhelming sense of pride when I see my drawings and designs translated into real life and my job has taught me to seek and appreciate the beauty of everything I experience"

In 1998, she landed herself in Singapore and continue to pursue her passion as an interior designer. She co-founded Space Nouveau Pte Ltd in 2004. Her portfolio includes projects for hotels, private homes and corporate office across the world.

In 2008, she established LéSpace Design Pte Ltd and continue to expand her portfolio across different countries. In her opinion, a good reputation is most essential to building a brand. Most of her clients have sought her services due to excellent reviews and word of mouth publicity, for which she is extremely grateful for and thus strives to deliver the best in every case she takes on. Her goal is to build a strong design team which is passionate in their work and social responsibilities.